Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Pankaj Kumar Gupta is the President and founder of the trust.  The trust is establised in 2021 for the welfare of the society.

Suvinay Ghosh

Suvinay Ghosh is the vice president of the trust and responsible for handling internal matter of the trust.

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar is the founder and secretary of the Trust and responsible for the managing the task of the volunteers.

What We Do

We Find & Fund

Proper arrangements for living, eating, education and medicine of every member of poor, destitute family.

We Build

Construction of orphanage for poor orphans and helpless boys, girls and old people.

We Strengthen

Providing business to poor families financially by giving them training for small and cottage Industries.

We Educate

To make poor and small farmers self reliant, providing training for improvement in agriculture  pesticides and resources.

We Provide Care

Performing necessary work for preservation of environmemt and ayurvedic medicines.

We Give shelter

Creating a cowshed for destitute cows by arranging appropriate places for cow rearing.

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Because Only Together We Can